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The new exhibitor on the block - The Game fair 2022

Without giving away too much there is lot of prep going in for one big weekend 29-31st July 2022. This will be my first real go at exhibiting any of my work to the public. Previously making the most of connections across my social media platforms. While thankful, it somewhat strayed me away a little from my true passion of working Gundogs.

A hesitancy has stopped me fully going down this path before. Sharing my life with my 3 Gundogs but also purely focusing on one subject that isn't for everyone. I've decided to take the plunge regardless. I feel as if my artwork shines when I'm able to portray those moments in art. I also feel being apart of that world through all of my upbringing allows me to bring across moments in the Gundog world that may go a miss.

Hitting the Game fair with a bang

While its my first show I'm hoping to come across as if I've always been apart of the scene. Claiming a moderate stand its not one to be overlooked. Nearly a year in the planning, I'll certainly be bringing something original. My stand has one focus which if you haven't guessed is the Gundogs, whether it be a Labrador or its curly American counterpart I'm going to try capture them doing what they do best.

I have teamed up with some fabulous Gundog owners with various breeds to bring my all new Gundog collection. With so many big plans its hard to know how far I will reach before the big day comes. But one thing is for sure, my name will certainly be popping up time and time again in this field.

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