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How to commission a portrait

From your photos into artwork

My commissions have sold Worldwide. Some commission can be found published in the Gundog Journal and Country life

Book yours today for just a £100* deposit

I am now taking a waiting list for 2024/25

This is on a first come first serve basis. I will require a small deposit to secure your place. Also I will need the photo you would like me to draw to make sure I am able to work with it.

Feel free to ask me any questions

Price List

Prices based on one subject

Please contact me for price of 3 or more subjects. If you require a different currency, please contact me for prices. Postage outside the UK will be an additional fee. Framing is not included in the prices but please contact if this is required. There will be an additional cost for this service. For Gundog artwork game birds are FREE 


10x12 size (Inches)

This size is perfect for a single pet study. A head portrait of this size would be very detailed and striking piece on the wall. Would also make for a lovely full body piece with background included for free. 

Comes mounted and FREE postage in UK

Please add 25% for a double portrait 

Enquire for multi-pet discount


11x14 size (Inches)

Medium portrait size. A large single portrait would feature excellent details or would be perfect for 2 subjects. Whether head studies or two good size head portraits. Backgrounds are FREE

*Price above is for one subject. Please contact for multiple 

Comes mounted and FREE postage in UK

Please add 25% for a double portrait 

Enquire for multi-pet discount


12x16 size (Inches)

Close to A3 in size this certainly wouldn't go amiss on the wall. Ideal for multiple subjects including full body portraits. Backgrounds are FREE. 


*Price above is for one subject, please contact for multiple

Comes mounted and FREE postage in UK

Please add 25% for a double portrait 

Enquire for multi-pet discount


14x18 size (Inches)

Large size which can host multiple subjects allowing high quality and details to be capture throughout. Backgrounds are FREE.


*Price above is for one subject, please contact for multiple

Comes mounted and FREE postage in UK

Please add 25% for a double portrait 

Enquire for multi-pet discount

image0 1.jpg

Choosing a photo

Firstly, you need to choose a photo of your subject that best captures their personality. But it is very important to choose a photo with good quality. Sunshine on the fur and clear eye details create the best portraits. When getting in contact I can help chose the best photo from an artist perspective. On the odd occasion I can merge photos to create one portrait but this cannot always be possible.


Photos must be taken by the client. If the photo has been taken by a professional photographer, I will need written proof to use the image.

(This is a good example of the photo quality required) 


How to book in

Secondly, once you have chosen your image you need to choose which size would be best suited. Again, I can offer guidance if needed.  When booking in please allow sufficient time if the artwork is needed for a deadline (such as Birthdays). Portraits can take 1-4 weeks roughly to complete however my commission slots do get booked in advance. Therefore, get in touch promptly to avoid disappointment. 

If so, I require a non-refundable £100 booking in deposit to secure your place. Until this has been received, I cannot secure your place in my diary.



Before booking in please read through my term and conditions (listed at bottom) which we can only proceed if they are accepted by the client. The deposit will be subtracted off final payment. The final payment will be required once the initial outline has been sketched out ready. 


Artwork progress to the finished product

Before starting your portrait, I will contact you to check your still happy with the choice of photo and size of portrait.

I will send progress photos of the artwork coming together. As an insight to see how the product is made but can be kept a secret for a big reveal at the end if best suited. If the commission is for a birthday I will check if it needs to be kept a secret from my social media pages so not to ruin the surprise.

Once complete and the client is happy the portrait will be mounted then sent next day delivery.

Prints of the original artwork can be made for an additional fee. I will need to know before the artwork is sent as the prints are colour matched to the original.

I retain the copyright to all artworks created, and can re-produce or use the artwork how I see fit. Customers do not have the right to reproduce any artworks. If this is an issue, please let me know before paying your deposit.

Terms and conditions 


Thanks for submitting!

  • To book in I require the agreed photo up front before a deposit is taken

  • The non refundable deposit is £100 which will be subtracted from the final payment

  • The final payment must be paid once the initial outline is shown for approval - without payment you could lose your place in my diary 

  • If there is any alterations you would like with the artwork please state asap. Consecutive alterations could result in additional fee

  • The final artwork once approved will be sent via next day delivery signed for. I cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged work in the post. However all artwork is scanned and can offer a print of the original. At the artist discretion they may recreate the original artwork for an agreed date

  • Please be aware that import taxes may be payable upon delivery in some countries 

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