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Capturing the field sport with a different type of lead

What a year it has been already! Going from exhibiting at biggest the game fair in the UK to now being a published artist in one of the most iconic international gundog magazines is something to truly be proud of. This little blog is to share snippets out of the magazine but will not spoil it all for those who are awaiting their copy.

Snippet titled 'Making me sing'

'I can say I had the privilege of growing up in a family full of shooters and my grandfather, Bryan Stubbins, was a gamekeeper all his life. I started out in the beating line, like most who get involved in shooting at a young age. I didn't know it at the time but my companion back then, black Labrador Tess, Would lead me down a career path I never even knew was there. Tess was self-trained and sometimes strayed into the realms of self-employed, but I was happy with the work she did and would always come back to me in the beating line with a bird, looking very pleased with herself...

..The years flew by and, while her time was cut short aged only eight, Tess is always in my heart. She truly inspired me to start creating commissions of other peoples pets, especially those who are no longer with us, as I know the real heartbreak of their loss.'

'I haven't always sat at my desk drawing and have been involved with a fair few aspects of agriculture. I worked on a weighbridge for the rye and maize harvest in between college. I didn't know it then, but I would work my way into the field of anaerobic digestion at Future Biogas and would stay there five years before turning to my art. I volunteered to start driving the JCB telehandler at the site of Metheringham in Lincolnshire. I soon proved myself and after passing my telehandler test, I made it into the small team of three to manage and run the site. I loved proving the old views of the lorry drivers wrong. I will never forget a driver asking my manager if I was licensed and competent enough to load his brand-new lorry without denting it..'

Inspiration from the field

'I really want to capture those truly special moments that only dog and handler share. The look in the eyes of a worn-out Labrador still wanting to work but at a steadier pace, or the frantic work of a spaniel on a scent. Growing up in the beating line and now having my own peg has really allowed me to see these little glimmers that make the days so special to all of us.'

I shall not give away anymore parts to the beautiful article. It is really worth every penny as its packed full of knowledge from training experts, veterinarians and behavioral specialists. I personally cannot wait to get my first article framed on the wall. I've really learnt to celebrate these little wins. You can get so hung up on stiving for the next goal to sometimes stop and see how far you've come. To get to do a job I love and that brings happiness to other owners is my little silver lining in this world.

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