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The 16 paws that live with me

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

There is 16 paws that live with me, currently 4 dogs but there is always 4 extra paws that leave no footprints. An extra dog that cannot show a shadow. A waggy tail that no longer can knock things off my coffee table. (Written with watery eyes)

When a client comes to me to draw a memorial portrait I truly know the grief you have been through and still deal with. Many have said how a portrait brings a little bit of them back to life and back into their home. This why I give each and every portrait my all and strive for each art piece to be my very best. I cant bring family members back but I'd like to think I can keep their spirit alive.

On a happier note the 4 dogs that live with me certainly keep me on my toes. In order of dogs we have Bramble - Fox red Labrador, Fern - French bulldog, Teasel - Black Labrador and our newest recruit Cedar - Golden Labrador. They are all working gundogs, would maybe query how good Fern's gundog skills are but she will happily join in and retrieve with her sisters. But does leave the harder stuff to them.

If you want to be good at anything practice is key. Similar to my art which I practice every day, I train nearly every day with my girls and that's not just gundog work. Teasel really enjoys Heelwork to music and Agility. Anything that makes my dogs happy makes me happy. They inspire me everyday to do what I do. As does my extra dog that I know is beside me even if I cant see her, Tess.

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