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This piece is made from professional grade colour pencils and achival paper. This is my most popular piece at 'The game fair' in summer. 


This piece will from framed with certificate of authenticity.


Size of paper: 17.5x 17"

External size of frame: 24x 24"


Kc name: Halsdown Windmill/ Wilma

Owner’s synopsis: “She is 4 years old. I got her from a gamekeeper in Somerset. She’s done 3 seasons in total, the first season we went beating to get her confidence up, then moved onto picking up.

She is such a gentle soul, but fierce when working whilst remaining steady. My absolute dream dog.

Her favourite retrieves water and hitting cover. So far out of the birds she’s picked duck seems to be her favourite. Among with picking pheasants, woodcock and pigeon.”-Lucy Combe

Reference photo provided by: Lucy combe

Original - 'Practise makes perfection' Framed

  • Shipping costs & delivery

    These rates are for delivery anywhere in mainland Britain. Please contact me for international shipping costs. Your artwork will be dispatched within 1-3 days. Packages will be sent first class.

    • Free package and postage to UK
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