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This piece was created using professional grade colour pencil and archival paper. It depicts a black lab retrieveing a Melanistic Pheasant, not often capture in artwork.


The pieces comes framed with certificate of authenticity. 


Size of paper: 17x 16"

External size of frame: 24x 23.5"


KC name: Forcegreen Flora/ Grouse


Owner’s synopsis: “She was my first dog, I picked up with her in the UK. Then moved to France and spent 4+ years there where we retrained and did dog agility. We then came back to the UK and went straight back in to shooting and she just picked it all up again. She’s been on holidays and all sorts with us, including skiing holidays which she loved.

She did 30 days average per season but that included her being young etc. Age 10 she was doing 30+ days still.” -Celine Peniston-Bird


Reference photo provided by: Celine Peniston-Bird

Original - 'Peg dog pick' Framed

  • Shipping costs & delivery

    These rates are for delivery anywhere in mainland Britain. Please contact me for international shipping costs. Your artwork will be dispatched within 1-3 days. Packages will be sent first class.

    • Free package and postage to UK
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