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This piece was created from professional grade colour pencils on archival paper. This piece took around 1 month in total to complete. 


Paper size: 17.5x 15"

External frame size: 24.5x 21 1/4"


There is very tiny mark on the frame hence the price. I can order a brand new frame if required for a little extra. 


It comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Artist synopsis: “A hidden hen was created merging 2 photos of the dog retrieving a hen and thick bracken. I wanted to show how well camouflaged these birds are and without dogs it would be impossible to collect all shot birds.

Cock pheasants often claim the prettiest bird however there so many beautiful markings on a hen which I’ve tried to capture.

I also love the determined look in these little cockers sometimes carrying birds as big as them. Their will power is unmatched.” Ellie Louise


Reference photo provided by: Julia Baxter

Original - A hidden Hen framed

  • Shipping costs & delivery

    These rates are for delivery anywhere in mainland Britain. Please contact me for international shipping costs. Your artwork will be dispatched within 1-3 days. Packages will be sent first class.

    • Free package and postage to UK
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